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Our April Fools Baby

Annika is the birthday queen, so it is somewhat fitting that she got to celebrate her birthday twice. We held off on her birthday party a few days until my Mom was going to be in town, but even without a party, we couldn’t let her special day go by without a little celebrating.

She requested crepes for her birthday breakfast, and I was happy to acquiesce and eat my fair share.

I would think that having a birthday on April Fools’ Day would be sort of annoying. I mean, who wants everyone playing practical jokes on you on your birthday? But Annika loves it. Brad and the girls got me good when I came home from running to the store and turned on the sink, only to get soaked by the spray nozzle (they’d taped down the handle.) I played that joke so many times as a kid, you’d think I would be more aware, but I was caught completely off guard. We tried to fool Annika by wrapping up a bunch of random things around the house and giving those to her instead of her presents. She wasn’t fooled, but she did look a little bit worried at one point. I’m going to have to work harder to really get her someday.

When we moved to Springville last fall, Annika found that she would be eligible to get her own library card once she turned five. We visit the library at least once or twice a week, and she’s been waiting almost a year for her own card. So, first thing in the morning of her fifth birthday we all went to the library. Brad skipped school that morning to be with Annika on her birthday. B-school has been nice that way.

Afterwards we grabbed ice cream cones at the SOS Drugstore. When it is your birthday you can eat ice cream before lunch.

Annika requested cauliflower soup for dinner (seriously, I would have made anything for her, and that’s what she wanted.) Some of our very best friends from Germany texted me that day to say that they were in town, and we were so, so happy to have them over for dinner. I’m just now realizing that I didn’t take a single picture of us together, and I’m feeling rather sad about it. I’ll just have to treasure the memory, I suppose. Looking back , I’m glad we could celebrate Annika’s big day in all her favorite ways – with books, ice cream, and friends.

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  • Lizzie - Wow, I remember when she was born! Also, those first two pictures of her look so much like Brad. I never realized how much she looks like her daddy!ReplyCancel

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