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A Family Tradition

We liked the Eis Cafe before we moved off-post, but our real love affair began when we moved to our house just a coupleView full post »


Chef Banani’s Pancake Recipe

Mother’s Day is a hard day for making breakfast, because we’re all running around like crazy trying to getView full post »


Paris, mon Amour

* The photo slideshows are not working right, and we’re working on fixing it. I’m sure you’re allView full post »


Strasbourg – Capitale de Noël

I wasn’t lying when I said we had a wonderful Christmas. But by the time we put the kids to bed and did ourView full post »



Today I am thankful for cookies. Is that too lame? But, really, I am. That last two days have been foggy, and dark allView full post »


Market Day

There are some drawbacks to living right downtown (for example, we would love to have a yard) but other timesView full post »