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Please Mister Postman Look and See . . .

. . .  if there’s a letter in your bag for me. My brother Jordan is a missionary in Sweden right now, and lastView full post »



Today Brad and I celebrate six years of marriage. After PT he came home, assumed I was still sleeping, and startedView full post »


Blackberries and Bare Feet

Not together. That would be painful. Yesterday morning we picked blackberries. Ever since Annika realized one of herView full post »


A Loss in my Life

My camera is gone. We are really not sure what happened to it, which is the most frustrating part, but I’m prettyView full post »


The most magical place on earth… or maybe the scariest?

We finished off our marathon vacation in France with two days in Disneyland. We saved it for last, figuring that itView full post »


We’ll Always Have Paris

For Wendy, Brad, and I, this was our second trip  to Paris;  but it was the first visit to the city of lights forView full post »