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Berry Pickin’

Brad’s sister, Wendy, and her husband, Justin, were at our house on Friday night and Saturday before they caughtView full post »


Traveling with Small Children 201

It’s been a year now since we first ventured out on a big vacation with small children in tow. The babies areView full post »


A Bug Infestation

I was working on my 2010 book (Remember that? I’m still working on it… maybe it’ll be done byView full post »


Happy Birthday Oma!

We’ve got our party hats on here today! Today is my Mom’s birthday. We’re separated by an ocean and aView full post »


Market Day

There are some drawbacks to living right downtown (for example, we would love to have a yard) but other timesView full post »


Two Sleeping Peas in their Pod

I was awake before my girls this morning (a rare occurrence) and peeked in on the twins with my video monitor. I foundView full post »