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You should not, would not, want to miss a birthday party quite like this

Annika turned three years old on Friday. I could go on and on about how much I love that little girl, but I’llView full post »


A Different Perspective

When Brad went to Utah this past weekend, he left his iPhone with me. When he came back, I kept the phone. When we areView full post »



Two years ago, when Annika was just starting to toddle around and Brad was deployed to Iraq, I volunteered to help myView full post »


Long, long ago…

.. in a land far, far away I took pictures of some of our best friends. They were gracious enough to let us take overView full post »


The smallest one was Madeline

This is Madeline. Annika received Madeline as a Valentine’s Day gift from her Oma. My Mom found the doll new inView full post »


Plugging Along

Brad was home today, and I am opting to ignore the dishes until tomorrow, which has given me the time to sit down for aView full post »