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Hanging onto Summer

After growing up in Washington and spending the last few years in Germany, I have a hard time believing that when it isView full post »


An American Summer

In my last blog post, we were just adjusting to life in America. Since then, people have been asking us how we likeView full post »


A Stranger in my Own Country

A week ago today we packed up the last of our possessions, and then loaded 8 bags, 3 carseats, a stroller, and ourView full post »


A Family Tradition

We liked the Eis Cafe before we moved off-post, but our real love affair began when we moved to our house just a coupleView full post »


Brown-Eyed Girls

I just put the twins down for a nap in the one bedroom of our small hotel room that we’ve called home since thisView full post »


Happy Mother’s Day to Me

Last Sunday, for Mother’s Day, Annika brought me a beautifully colored flower along with some candy from herView full post »