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I Think We’ve Been in Germany Too Long

Elise is our messiest eater, and has a bad habit of playing with her food. Most nights she spends her meal alternatelyView full post »


A New Sunbeam and a Wet January Day

First, I meant to publish this picture in my last post, and I forgot. Annika has been waiting for months and months andView full post »


Ringing in a New Year

This new year brought another “last” for us here in Germany. I remember Brad and my first New Year inView full post »


Strasbourg – Capitale de Noël

I wasn’t lying when I said we had a wonderful Christmas. But by the time we put the kids to bed and did ourView full post »


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Whew! Christmas has come and gone and I have a big virtual stack of pictures to share. Posting a blog has been on myView full post »


“‘No-man! ‘no-man!”

Last week we were having dinner with some friends when Annika came running in from the other room screaming “LookView full post »